Citri Crete Cleaner/Stripper For Concrete Floors - Gal.

Citri Crete Cleaner/Stripper For Concrete Floors - Gal.

Item # RAL-793004

  • Formulated from an easy to use, biodegradable, citrus-based solvent that will not etch concrete like many acid based products.
  • Controlled suds enhances and speeds rinsing
  • Citrus scent
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #RAL-793004
Pack: 4/CASE

A heavy duty concrete floor stripper that is highly effective at removing curing compounds, oils, grease, most concrete sealers, and other contaminants for concrete floors. Replaces hazardous petroleum and chlorinated solvent based products.


  • Natural citrus solvents break down various soils, greases, grime and oil that have bonded to the surface being cleaned.
  • Complex emulsifying blend - Joined together with natures citrus solvent provides an dynamic formula of components with excellent degreasing properties.
  • Cleaning enhancer - Water softeners, also known as chelating agent, breaks the "water hardness" to allow the agents above to work effectively. In lay terms the wetness of the water is increased allowing the cleaning agents to do the cleaning they were de
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