Knight DS-300L 3 Product DigiSet w/One Transformer

Knight DS-300L 3 Product DigiSet w/One Transformer

Item # 7162210-07

  • For liquid detergent, rinse, sanitizer.
  • Det. Pump: 8 oz/min with 1/4" ID tube
  • Rinse pump: 0.1-1.5 oz/min with 3/16" ID tube
  • Sani. Pump: 0.2-3 oz/min with 1/4" ID tube
Manufacturers Item #7162210-07

A multi-product, state-of-the-art warewash chemical feed and control system for commercial dishwashing machines of all sizes. Engineered with innovative Smart Sense technology that monitors detergent dispersion rates in the wash tank and uses patent-pending feed logic to achieve consistent, reliable chemical concentration. Comes with Knight's field proven pump technology with snap-on pump covers.


  • Fast, easy and precise set-up.
  • Extended probe life.
  • Secure pass code protection.
  • Multiple language display menu - English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch.
  • Probe/Probeless mode.
  • Low product detect alarm inputs (Probeless mode)
  • Precise rinse and sanitizer pump speed control.
  • Door or conveyer operation.
  • rinse and sanitizer priming.
  • Rack counter.
  • Delime mode.
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