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Abernathy Company has develoved products and services to improve the Paper-Making Process since the early 1970’s. Continuous improvement has allowed Abernathy to eliminate several applications which once utilized hazardous chemicals. Protection of employees and customer facilities is our top priority; meawhile never losing focus on adding value to the mill.

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Reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls: the #1 workplace injuries.



Improve quality by hole reduction and eliminating wet end build-up.



Lower frequency of sheet breaks. Increase output with scale-free systems.

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Abernathy Company solutions are available for virtually every mill operation, including:

  • Power Plants
  • Digester Areas
  • Paper Machine Wet End
  • Press Sections
  • Dryer Sections
  • General Areas
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Abernathy Company offers cleaning products and services for use throughout your pulp and paper mill.

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Some of our offerings include:

  • DOT non-hazardous fabric cleaning products – wet felts, press fabrics and dryer felts.
  • Outage Cleaning for Fourdrinier elements and framework.
  • Boilout products for thick and thin stock systems. Goodbye Barium!
  • Headbox and slice lip “spray on, rinse off” cleaning
  • Hood cleaners and aluminum brighteners without HF, H2SO4, & HCL mineral acids.
  • Calcium Carbonate & Calcium Oxalate scale removers.
  • Coater boilouts and cleaners.
  • Dryer section pitch and stickies removers.
  • Facility internal and external walls.
  • Saveall and OCC boilouts.
  • Calendar stack release agents.
  • pH control chemicals.
  • “Safe” acid alternatives.
  • Floor cleaners.
  • Chest cleaners.
  • Liquor heater, cooling tower, and heat exchanger de-scaling.
  • Closed Loop Chiller treatment.
  • Non-hazardous Pitch and Lignin cleaners.
  • Intrinsically safe “zero spark” dust vaccuuming