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Abernathy Company provides economical solutions in the Power Industry for maintaining system reliability and efficiency. Abernathy offers cleaning services and chemical solutions to improve runnability and sustainability.

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Abernathy Company increases safety by eliminating combustible dust with intrinsically safe technology.



Scale-free systems have less corrosion making them more dependable and increasing their life spans.



Clean temperature control systems and filtration systems have greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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Abernathy Company solutions are available for virtually every operation, including:

  • Intrinsically Safe Dust Abatement
  • Process Descaling
  • Dust Supression
  • Raw and Wastewater Treatment
  • General Facility Cleaning Services
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Our mission is to provide you with customized high performance chemical programs that maintain safety for your employees, contractors, your equipment and our environment.

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Some of our offerings include:

  • Non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaner options.
  • Caustic, acid, and solvent circulation cleaning services.
  • Intrinsically safe “zero spark” combustible dust vacuuming.
  • Facility internal and external wall cleaning.
  • Surface rust removal.
  • Floor cleaning applications.
  • Cooling tower and heat exchanger de-scaling.
  • Raw water and waste water treatment chemistry options.